Planet Numbers – Helping you book your holiday.

5th March 2010

With the sunshine finally showing his face, people around the UK have something to smile about. Contrasting the cold and miserable weather we are normally blessed with, this week the sun has donned his hat and has scared away the clouds.

The taste of sunshine has got people needing more, with thousands of people booking their summer holidays to catch some more of the suns glorious rays. Let’s face it, the summers here aren’t often great and a get away is just what people need to relax.

As summer holidays can be the highlight of people’s year, it’s vital that they make sure they are staying in the right place. Why not call up the hotel and check they’re as reputable as they make out?

Using Planet Numbers, you can call your potential hotel for as little as 1p/minute and make sure that they can fulfill your holiday needs. Things are often lost in interpretation via email so ensure that both you and your accommodation know exactly what you need by talking to them directly.