Planet Numbers helps to contact Haiti and Chile

1st March 2010

The start of this year has been devastating for the world. We were shocked to find out about the recent earthquake in Haiti which killed nearly 230,000 people and the world united to try and help the poor Haiti civilians.

In the worst economical climate we’ve had for almost a century, it was touching to see the world chipping together trying to help rebuild these people’s lives.

This weekend, disaster struck again. The victims this time, Chile, with an earthquake of 8.8 on the Richter scale shattering the lives of millions. It’s time again to scrape together anything we can afford to give and help these people who have so much less than us.

If you have friends and relatives in Haiti or Chile, you can contact them from just 1.5p/minute.

To call a Chilean landline, dial 0843 716 7777 – Calls to this number are charged at 1.5p/minute.
To call a Haitian landline, dial 0872 562 7777 – Calls to this number are charged at 10p/minute.