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10th November 2015

With Aung San Suu Kyi predicting a landslide victory in Myanmar’s election, David Cameron arguing the case for greater control on EU rules for Great Britain and the awful tragedy that has led to talks of increased airport security throughout the world, the news over the past week has very much been on a global scale.

On Sunday we remembered the fallen soldiers and service men and women who have fought for our freedom, celebrating the centenary since the gallant souls helped to win the first world war.

Their courage and gumption has allowed us to live in a multi cultural society, where cultural influences, traditions, experiences and services can be traded not only throughout the country, but the world too. Our beautiful planet has never been so unified in communication, making trade, education and groundbreaking discoveries ever more successful and readily available.

As part of this, we at Planet Numbers are always striving to make international communication as cheap as possible; whether it’s to a foreign dignitary, overseas companies or just your mate Dave who loves to travel!

Because we believe that making international calls should be as simple, cheap and readily available as possible to everyone, we’ve cut out all the red tape, hidden fees and catches that you might find with other international call providers.

With Planet Numbers, making international calls couldn’t be easier. Simply choose between our fantastic account service with PIN-less dialling and the option to share your access number with your family members and colleagues, or pre-pay with our ‘top-up’ style credit option. There’s no monthly fees, credit checks, or hidden gimmicks – just call and save!

As part of our commitment to cheap international calls, we’ve further reduced a selection of call destinations this month. Check out our latest price drops here…

Bhutan and Bhutan Mobile… down to just 4p per min!

Dominican Republic… down to just 2p per min!

Jamaica Mobile… down to just 15p per min!

Jordan… down to just 6p per min!

Netherlands Antilles… down to just 8p per min!

Pakistan… down to just 2p per min!

Pakistan Mobile… down to just 3p per min!

Turkey… down to just 3p per min!

You can take advantage of these great rates 24/7, 365 days a year and there’s no limits either!

Don’t forget, Planet Numbers offer more than just fantastic deals on international calls; why not talk to us today about how we could save you money on Live Call Answering, Call Handling and of course, Non-Geographical Numbers!


Best wishes

Robin James
MD Planet Numbers Ltd