Remember, Remember The SIXTH Of November?

6th November 2009

Get out your coats, scarves and gloves because the sky will be lighting up tonight with an array of beautiful colours. Wrap your cold mitts around a steaming warm cup of tea and ‘Ooh, Ahhhh’ as the UK celebrate the foiling of the Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot with stunning firework displays and bonfires.

Okay yes, we realise that we’re a day late. We realise that all the bonfires will be reduced to cold ash by the time you’ve read this but we DO have an excuse.

This week, we’ve been working tirelessly to reduce the cost of calling abroad. Not even the bang of a rocket could distract us from offering our customers even cheaper telephone calls. You didn’t think it was possible, did you?

Appels bon marché

For example, we’ve managed to reduce the cost for calling a French Mobile. We’ve knocked the price down from 7p/minute to a measly 6p/minute. Now calls to our international neighbours can be as cheap as calling your next-door neighbour!

And it’s not just our European buddies that we’ve knocked the price down for. You can make a gigantic saving by calling Barbados. Previously at 5p/minute, we’ve managed to get the price down to just 4p/minute. So you can call them up and tell them our weather is just as nice…

So the already cheap prices have been literally blown apart on fireworks night.

This price reduction comes at a perfect time as Christmas is fast approaching; meaning you can call your loved ones abroad during the festive period and STILL afford to put the tuppance in the middle of the Christmas pudding.

To celebrate, we’d thought to let off a rocket of our own… Planet Firework