Planet Numbers Welcome You To 2010!

4th January 2010

Yes, Christmas is over for another year.

The wheelie bin overflows with wrapping paper, like a volcano erupting florescent lava.

The dog is breathing worryingly heavily, after digesting it’s 137th left over brussel sprout.

12 out of the 17 toys you bought for your nephew have already been snapped, chipped or melted in the microwave.

The Christmas tree has started to turn a pale brown colour and the new vacuum cleaner you bought for your mum has already caught fire, after struggling to pick up the 34,485 pine needles the tree has donated to the carpet.

And as the New Year approached, we welcomed a brand new decade with open arms, full of excitement, optimism and… alcohol.

We think of all the exciting things to happen in this forthcoming decade. The further advancement in technology, the Olympics in London and England winning the world cup!

We made promises to each other and ourselves. The gyms around the country love this time of year with the most popular New Years resolution being to get fitter. Nicorette see a gigantic increase in nicotine patches as millions of smokers pledge to give up.

So as you’ve made promises this January, we’ve decided to make one to you. We promise to keep offering you the brilliant service we already do, keeping costs to calls abroad to the very minimum – anytime, anywhere.

We also promise to make this service available to as many countries worldwide as we possibly can, meaning that soon anyone will be reachable using Planet Numbers from anywhere in the world! Hurrah.

We hope you had a great new year and welcome you aboard Planet Numbers as we sail through another fantastic decade!