Protect your identity with an 0844 number.

7th January 2010

The cyber world can be a very dangerous place. Websites often require a lot of personal information as you sign up, meaning that your telephone number, date of birth and sometimes even home addresses are on the web.

The majority of websites on the internet are legitimate, offering decent products and services. However, there are some websites that are fraudulent and could sell your personal information to third parties.

With Facebook asking users to consider what information they make public, the seriousness of the matter came into the public eye.

The stores on eBay often provide their telephone numbers so that customers can contact them, which can be mobile or landline.

Planet Numbers are now offering FREE 0844 numbers to not only businesses but those who want people to contact them by telephone, without giving their mobile or landline.

This number can be changed at the drop of a hat. If you need a redirect to another landline or mobile, we can do that for you immediately.