Record your calls with Planet Call Recording

14th October 2010

It seems that the world is being taken over by telephones. The average user generates over 459 minutes a month on their mobile alone, which means that over 7 and a half hours of an average person’s month is used chatting on a mobile.

We use them for daily chit-chat, important conversations, having a laugh or having a cry. With communication so pivotal in our day-to-day lives, it’s clear that we wouldn’t be able to function properly without the use of the telephone.

Whether it’s being told you’ve got the job you wanted so bad, finding out you’ve got the exam results you so desperately needed or hearing your child speak for the first time, some conversations are so good, they need to be heard twice.

Of course, Planet Numbers have the solution. A TIME MACHINE.

Unfortunately, although we could have made one if we wanted to, the cost of building a time machine similar to the Tardis was just too great. We have, however, come up with something better (and far more practical) so that you can re-live, re-listen and re-love your telephone calls.

Planet Numbers’ Call Recording facility is an slick new service that allows you to record your calls, hassle-free. The best news is, it’s unbelievably cheap at just 10p/minute and you can call locally or internationally.

Of course, this service can also be used for recording wind-ups and funny conversations. I bet that this person wished that his call wasn’t recorded as he’s since become an internet phenomenon:

This cute girl needed help with her math homework. Of course, this couldn’t have been shared without the use of a call recording software.

See what telephonic gems you can capture with our Planet Call Recording Software and if you send them in, you’ll win a prize. Visit Planet Call Recording to get going.