Redirect your phone number using your Smartphone

4th October 2010

One of the biggest benefits of having a non-geographic telephone number is the ability to redirect it 24/7. If your landline telephone number goes down and your customers are unable to contact you, it could result in lost business and money lost.

As discussed in a previous post, disaster can strike. Take, for example, the BT network failure a few months back, where tens of thousands of BT landline holders lost connection. If this happens to your business, it could result in lost business and lost money.

This is why we give our customers their very own online control panel to allow them to redirect their telephone numbers. The online control panel is a slick platform which can be accessed from any computer, as long as it’s online, and means ultra-portability for your 0845/0844/0800 number. If, like a couple of months ago, disaster does strike, you can sleep easy knowing that you can redirect your telephone number to ANY landline or mobile.

But hang on, it gets better!

If you have one of these fancy-pants smartphones; like a BlackBerry or an iPhone, or any phone that’s able to get on the web, you can access your online control panel on the move. If you’re stuck on the bus, walking to work or even sat in a café, you can click onto your control panel and redirect your telephone number instantly. This makes your telephone number even more portable than it already was, with redirection on the move.

Complete portability in the form of our Online Control Panel costs just £49.00, so make sure you grab one today!