Referendum Busting Price Drops!

19th April 2016

The EU debate is hotting up, and so are our international call deals! In, out or unsure, the country seems to be firmly divided as each side begins to make their case. Despite the inevitable chaos that will undoubtedly ensue until one side falters, at Planet Numbers we are firmly dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible deals on international calls, regardless of whether or not we remain in the EU.

In fact, international calls through Planet Numbers are such outstanding value for money you can now save up to a whopping £1.48 per minute compared to BT! That means a 30 minute call to discuss urgent business matters, the EU referendum or merely what Auntie Dorris found in her crisp packet last Thursday, could save you up to £44.40 compared to BT!

But wait, there’s more! Our technical boffins have been working their magic and we’re proud to announce another 22 price drops, so now you can call a whole host of destinations including Guinea, Kuwait and Mauritius for even less! If only the EU debate was this simple!

Fancy casting your eyes over these super low numbers? Be our guest…

Instant Access Numbers

Angola Mobile reduced to… 6p/min!
Ethiopia Mobile reduced to… 15p/min!
Georgia reduced to… 9p/min!
Guinea Mobile reduced to… 30p/min!
Indonesia Mobile reduced to… 4p/min!
Jamaica reduced to… 8p/min!
Jordan Mobile reduced to… 13p/min!
Kuwait Mobile reduced to… 2p/min!
Mauritius Mobile reduced to… 6p/min!
Saudi Arabia reduced to… 2p/min!
Trinidad and Tobago reduced to… 7p/min!

SMS Top Up & Phone  Cards

Algeria reduced to… 8p/min!
Angola Mobile reduced to… 8p/min!
Georgia reduced to… 15p/min!
Indonesia reduced to… 5p/min!
Indonesia Mobile reduced to… 5p/min!
Jamaica Mobile reduced to… 20p/min!
Mauritius reduced down to… 8p/min!
Netherlands reduced to… 1.5p/min!
Saudi Arabia reduced to… 2.5p/min!
Syria reduced to… 8p/min!
Trinidad and Tobago reduced to… 10p/min!

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Keeping you connected

So whether you’re a Brexit fan or you’re flying the European flag, in or out, one thing’s for sure – Planet Numbers will ensure you can make that business call to Western Europe, a social call to Costa Del Sol, or a quick two minute call to your Tuscan housemaid easily and economically!