Save money on your broadband with

26th April 2010

As you probably already know, we’re big on saving money. So much so that we offer international calls for 90% cheaper than calling direct.

That’s why, when something as cost effective as this comes along, we feel compelled to share it.

Recently, Ofcom have accredited with the highly acclaimed accreditation for their broadband comparison service.

Picking the right broadband connection can be a difficult task, with the terms and conditions, speed and tariffs becoming a huge factor in picking the right provider. lets the customer stick in their postcode and telephone number and displays a list of all the providers available, the best package and the best price for you. Along with this, there are user reviews so you can check the experience other customers have had and decide whether or not you’d like to go with them.

Why pay over the odds for something like broadband? A lot of the packages are much of a muchness but have a huge difference in price. Let help you pick the right package for your needs.