Why care about your business phone calls?

9th March 2009

One of the most significant and recurrent expenditure that businesses throughout the world face is that of phone call bills, both for local and long-distance calling. Making phone calls is looked upon as a basic necessity for any commercial enterprise to function. However, negligence and uncontrolled use of phone services could be a major cause of extremely high phone bills that present themselves as an unnecessary expenditure. There are many ways of making massive savings on your business phone calls and some of the easiest ones have been discussed below.

Switching to Voice over IP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is perhaps the easiest and the most innovative way of using the latest in technology to reduce your phone bills. Here, calls are made and received over a dedicated broadband connection. Providers of broadband services include everyone from your regular phone company to the neighborhood cable company. Most of them offer very reasonable plans, which include discounts and a certain number of free phone calls for every month. VoIP is much cheaper than any conventional telephone service. A major reason for this is that VoIP yet hasn?t been subjected to regular communication-based taxes or surcharges in most countries. There are VoIP plans offering very cheap local calling and charge something close-to -substantial only for long-distance calling.

Bundling Communication Services

A majority of contemporary businesses use a combination of cable services, Internet services along with landline connections. All these services could be availed from one dependable provider. The result ? When bundled together, the provider is bound to offer you a plan that has a considerably reduced cost! Plus, you would be required to pay just one single bill and keep track of only one provider’s customer service cell if there is any problem. However, when applying for bundled communication plans, make sure to ditch the landlines and instead try combining VoIP and Internet services together along with more discounts on your mobile-for-office plans.

Cutting your Phone Bills

There are many easy ways of cutting down on your phone bills, which may seem trivial at the onset but are very effective when used for longer periods of time.

Phone Cards

Any business that needs to make long-distance calls occasionally, should try keeping phone cards handy rather than paying extra when dialing through customary long-distance service providers.

Dial Around Service

Our dial around service makes it easy to save money without any sign up or prepayments, and works from any UK phone.

Calling Cards

Many businesses need to provide hours of talk-time to their employees. In such a scenario, calling cards might be a good choice. These are easier to track in terms of the amount spent on a monthly basis and you can avail huge discounts by sticking to one chosen provider.