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23rd September 2010

Here at Planet Numbers, we’re always improving, updating and adding new facilities to our already exceptional services. We want to be the best and we realise we can only do so by offering our customers the most efficient, exciting and top-of-the-range services we can. You guys deserve the best.

So how do we keep you up to date with all the new additions? Of course, you can check the website. Of course you can check the blog or the numerous social networking profiles that we have. I recommend, however, opting to receive our very special Planet Numbers newsletter and grabbing all the latest news, fresh to your mailbox.

Unfortunately, we don’t keep all of your information to hand so we do require you to sign up for it but the benefits of doing so are endless. Recently, we released a very special once-in-a-lifetime telephone number, 0800 08 08 08, available for general sale. People who had signed up for our newsletter received information on this number before anyone else and effectively, had first refusal on the purchase of this stunning number.

To ensure that you’re kept in the know about all of our latest products and services, please sign up for our newsletter, which you’ll receive once a month. Just visit our newsletter page.