Seven Easy Steps to Help You Simplify Your Work

23rd February 2009

Most of us blunder through life making it unnecessarily complex. The moment that happens, the seed of procrastination is germinated. Like a cancer it creeps up insidiously, takes root and spreads uncontrolled. When work stares you in the face becoming more and more formidable, it is time to sit up and redefine your goals.

  1. Define the priorities of your (small) business. Break down your tasks into elements and list out the order of priorities.  You will probably find that the most distasteful tasks have been put on the backburner.  When you make a list, you will then have a very clearly defined chart to navigate by and will no longer plod on like a rudderless ship. Your list will not only give you a goal but also a yardstick to measure the progress you make. This aspect applies to any sort of work or profession from a homemaker to a CEO.
  2. Unclutter your office desk. Many of us are professional procrastinators. We defer making a decision and little bits of paper pile up. Wade through the mountain of debris and decide ruthlessly what is required and what is not. The bin is the place for unwanted stuff while the others should be stacked in order of importance and priority or else filed appropriately.
  3. Reorganize your filing system so files that are frequently needed are quickly accessible.  The others could be stashed away for reference when required.
  4. Keep a notebook handy so that you can jot down thoughts that come to mind or other tasks that you had to do. Everybody gets a random thought which merits attention.  If you do not write it down it will interfere with your existing thought process or the work you are doing.  By making a note, you will not be frequently distracted.
  5. Your communications should be relevant to what you wish to convey and must be kept brief.  Wherever possible, sent an e-mail or a fax, particularly when you wish to record what you have said.
  6. Resist the temptation to frequently check your personal mails or surf the net. There is a time for socializing and personal surfing.
  7. Ensure that your meetings are well organized.  The agenda should be circulated well in advance so that those present are aware of the subject to be discussed.  Stick to the agenda and see that meeting remains focused.  Meetings often tend to digress resulting in immense waste of time.