Six reasons why your business should switch to SIP Trunking

26th October 2018

Fundamental to any business is the need to be flexible, proactive, and progressive as needs and circumstances change. A modern form of telephony making this dynamic management model more straightforward is SIP Trunking. A form of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, SIP allows users to send and receive telephone calls via an Internet Service Provider (ISP), instead of a traditional telephone line.

Significantly, this means a significant reduction on the substantial cost of mobile and remote calls – but there are many more reasons why your business should consider switching to this service:

Reduce overall expenditureVOIP

Lowering costs by an average of 40%– regardless of whether you make more calls – SIP Trunking is simply cheaper than traditional line rental and call costs. Centralizing your communications, the need for multiple phone lines and line rentals is no longer required. Consolidating the cost of all outgoing telephone calls – including those made internationally – billing and reporting on this aspect of your business becomes more balanced, reliable, and manageable.

Make use of a flexible and scalable service

Depending on the direction of your business, the versatility of SIP Trunking allows for the instantaneous expansion or streamlining of the service. For instance, when your business moves or grows, the telephone numbers your bank of existing clients hold for you do not need to be changed – and new numbers can be created as and when you require. Extremely useful for businesses that operate in multiple locations, you will not be bound to any single dialing code.

Simple on-site management

The savings your business will benefit from by operating with a cheaper, more flexible system, are not the only benefits of SIP Trunks. On a day-to-day basis, you and your IT team will have full control over the administration and management of your software. Particularly useful for businesses who anticipate prolonged periods of productivity, you can effortlessly adapt your communications infrastructure to accommodate the increased demand for service. This means that increased call volume related to new product or service launches, marketing and advertising campaigns, or any seasonally-impacted sales will be managed smoothly, and securely.

Keep your existing hardware

Switching to SIP Trunking does not require you to replace your current network of computers, nor does it require you to ditch the existing PBX (Private Branch Exchange) switchboard system. Switching to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, for instance, would mean supplying your staff with replacement, compatible handsets. Avoiding what could potentially be an expensive upgrade, especially for businesses with a large number of staff, SIP Trunks allow you to keep all your existing equipment. Even employees who work remotely or are often out of the office can be easily integrated into your network, via their mobile device. Switching to this communications service brings all the benefits of using internet-based calls, without disturbing your existing, reliable hardware.

Stay connected to a global audience

Significantly, BT recently announced that in just 7 years, their ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) networks will be terminated. With the switch from analogue to digital telephony therefore inevitable for everybody, it just makes sense to be prepared. Before long, clients and customers, both at home and based internationally, will have to be contacted using some form of IP. As we’ve already learned, SIP Trunking allows international dialing codes to be created, and global customers to be contacted at a significantly reduced cost. With the technology already here, and its integration already inevitable for everyone, why not make the switch now and tap into new markets by enquiring about SIP Trunks?

Give your employees the tools they need to grow

Switching your telephony service to SIP Trunking could have an instantaneous, noticeable impact upon your staff. Empowering them with increased functionality and access to customer information, via integration with your own CMS (Contact Management System), your valued employees will have the tools they require to enhance the experience of your customers. With management also able to access a variety of reports from both incoming and outgoing telephone calls, these data can be used in your own staff development, market research, and performance monitoring.

A wealth of bonuses are available to businesspeople focused on growth and development. The opportunities of SIP Trunks to enhance a business are already readily available – and of course, will soon be mandatory to those who haven’t made the switch. The adaptability and flexibility of the technology, particularly as business needs inevitably change, are substantial. On a day-to-day basis, expenditure, performance monitoring, and both internal and external communications all benefit from veering away from ditching the traditional telephony system and integrating SIP. The best way to find out how the switch will impact your business is to contact us at Planet numbers, today.