Sky Joins the UK Mobile Phone Market

6th December 2016

Sky, the UK’s most popular paid-for television supplier, announced recently that they’re planning on entering the highly competitive mobile phone market, but this is no ordinary announcement…

Shaking things up

Not one to follow suit and shy away from controversy, Sky has announced its vision for shaking up the UK mobile phone industry, passing control away from the large suppliers and back to the customer, all whilst increasing value for money.

Over recent years we’ve seen an emerging trend where mobile phone monthly ‘contract’ plans have increased significantly in length, often tying you in to a certain subscription for 24 months with little or no flexibility.

According to Sky, around £2bn worth of data is wasted each year in the UK, as consumers often use less than half of the data they’ve paid for each month. Ordinarily your data allowance is reset each month and any unused data is simply forgotten about, but not with Sky.

“…easy, flexible and transparent”

Much like Planet Numbers, Sky have listened to their customers and created something that puts customers before profits. UK and Ireland Sky Chief Executive, Stephen van Rooyen, has said “We’ve designed it based on what people told us they want – it’s easy, flexible and transparent and it puts the customer in control”.

According to Sky, 46,000 people have already pre-registered for the service, and we’re proud to announce that once Sky’s mobile service goes live, you’ll be able to use it to make super-cheap international calls through Planet Numbers, or have your incoming business calls routed directly to your Sky mobile phone.

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