Some Advantages In Choosing A 0845 Number

18th July 2011

Picking a phone number that can grow and move with your business is important. 0845 numbers are one of the better options for any new businesses. There are several advantages to 0845 numbers that should not be overlooked.

These premium numbers are defined as non geographic numbers (NGN). This means that there is very little indication of where the customer’s call is going be answered beyond the fact that it will likely be somewhere in the UK. This immediately builds your companies credibility with potential customers who can be easily turned off when they find themselves in conversation with someone in an outsourcing company located in another country.

0845 numbers can move with your company. If growth or business demands require your company to relocate its offices, the number customers have become accustomed to dialling will not change. This stability for you customer base helps promote your brand as stable and enduring.

Simplify the logistics of setting up and maintaining a business by choosing the right phone number the first time. 0845 numbers are often the most logical choice for local businesses starting out in the UK.