Super Simple Call Routing Plans from Planet Numbers!

7th June 2016

When the phone rings you’ll want to answer it as promptly and professionally as possible, but what do you do if the member of staff who usually answers incoming calls isn’t at their desk?

Introducing… Call Routing!

We understand each business is different and we believe you shouldn’t have to change the way you do things just to fit around your phone service – it should fit seamlessly around you! With Call Routing from Planet Numbers, you can choose how each incoming call is directed to suit you and your staff members.

Which way works best for you?

Call Routing allows you to direct incoming calls to multiple targets in sequence or by percentage, simultaneous multiple targets, or even to specific lines by time of day so you can be sure you’re always connected to your customers.

Like to learn a little more about these different options? Here’s a quick breakdown:

Multiple Targets – If the phone rings and your receptionist isn’t available to answer, the call will be passed on to the next line in the queue (preset and instantly changeable by you if and when required).

Simultaneous Multiple Targets – Don’t have a dedicated member of staff to answer each incoming call? No problem! With Simultaneous Multiple Targets each call is directed to a number of lines at once, so the least busy member of staff can answer the call promptly, keeping everyone productive!

Percentage Distribution – Spread the load with percentage distribution. If you don’t fancy having multiple phones ringing at once, why not direct incoming calls to multiple lines with Percentage Distribution. Simply send 40% of incoming calls to staff member 1, 30% to staff member 2 and 30% to staff member 3, or any other combination of your choosing!

Time of Day Routing – Offer an out-of-hours service. Automatically direct calls to a mobile or landline number dependant on the time of day to ensure your customers can always get in touch if they need to.

For more information on our Call Routing Plans click here or give us a call on 08000 886 886 and talk to a friendly and helpful member of our team.