Tablet Take Over

15th July 2011

Everyone has seen the latest tablets that are coming out, for example Apple’s iPad, HP’s touchpad, Blackberry’s Playbook and also Android have a few tablets out.

The market for tablets is increasing everyday as more and more people are investing in one, Apple sold over 300,000 iPad’s in the first day of being on sale.

Each tablet has their strong points compared to one another and also their weak points, the iPad 2 is well known for its long lasting battery life which is an estimated 10 hours depending on what you are doing. Where as the HP touchpad has a poor rating for it’s battery life. Android and Apple also have the top vote over the app store to the other two main competitors with its wide range of useful and fun apps. Another plus side for Apple’s iPad is the amount of accessories that are linked in with the iPad and compatible with many other Apple products, there are thousands of cases, docking stations, music equipment and other add-on’s like printers, t.v connectivity and more.

Although the iPad seems to be superior in most of the categories Blackberry’s Playbook has a high rating for it’s multitasking skills, it allows you to browse the web while you video chat and more. It has a review from which says “All I can say about the multitasking abilities of this device is – WOW.” The playbook also weighs in at 425g’s where as the lightest version of the iPad (without 3G) weighs in at 601g’s and the touchpad at 740g’s.

The talk is that tablets are taking over because their small, lightweight, portable and they do most of what your average laptop will do so therefore their very efficient. In the UK alone the internet usage from iPad’s are at 21.% and growing which just goes to show their popularity. Although there is still room for improvement on the tablets to match the PC and laptop standards they are still growing in popularity.