Telephone Answering Service for Overflow Calls: Why Might it Work For You?

6th July 2020

When you start growing a business, you will likely find that there is a fine balance to strike between looking after your current customers and appealing to new ones. While you are so busy looking after the running of your business, you may find that it starts getting harder and harder to actively capitalise on leads. Unfortunately, this is something that all business owners need to broach at some point!

To be able to keep running and building your brand, you’re going to need to make sure that you keep bringing in new custom and revenue. Of course, while answering new calls and queries, you should be the best you can be as far as your business and brand are concerned. But what do you do once you start taking on more calls than you can physically handle? Is it a case of hiring a new team to handle all your calls for you?

What might be worth considering is setting up an overflow call service. But what exactly is this, and how can Planet Numbers help you to get started?Overflow call answering service

What is an Overflow Calls Service?

Overflow calls, as you can imagine, are those which flow over your current communications. This essentially means that, while you can continue to take and process the majority of calls and requests yourself, you can arrange for a separate team to start taking additional queries for you. An overflow calls service acts rather like a voicemail system, with the added benefit that there is actually someone answering the calls and helping your customers directly.

Planet Numbers offers a call answering and overflow service which will allow you to continue fielding your main calls and to keep running your business while new contacts come through. This means that you are showing no bias or preference – you are still actively accepting new customers and clients, while tending to the daily running of your firm.

But why might this become a necessity for you – as well as a boost to your business?

It’s a Positive Experience for Your Customers

Any clients or customers who call your business for the first time might not expect to speak to someone right away, but it’s safe to say that a flat, automated voicemail service or message box is hardly going to be inspiring. In fact, if you spend minutes waiting to connect only to get an automated answering machine telling you to call back later, you’d probably hang up and not bother trying again.

It’s this experience that, naturally, you are going to need to improve on if you really want to drive for leads in all lines of business. To be able to capture interest from as many customers as possible, you’re going to need to show them you care.

By allowing an off-site team to handle your overflow calls, and to take messages on your behalf, you are immediately showing your customers that you care. You are not just throwing a basic voicemail system at them – even if you are unable to answer their calls directly to begin with, you are at least making sure that a friendly human being is on hand to make sure that they receive the support they deserve.

This, crucially, is going to make all the difference to the right people. You’ll likely find that you drive more custom from offering them a human answering machine than an automated one.

It’s Capturing Every Lead

It’s a sad fact that many businesses will miss out on big revenue and big contracts simply because they can’t answer the phone at all times. Therefore, instead of risking missing any calls whatsoever, you can make sure that someone is able to handle opening queries and contract setups without fear.

It’s true that you never know which calls are likely to be your next big contract-makers or big opportunities. Therefore, it surely makes sense to hit as many balls as you can! You are going to miss all of the shots you don’t make – and you’re therefore going to need to make yourself as available as physically possible.

This means more revenue for you in the long run, and it also means a bigger client base – and with that, you’re also likely to benefit from a hugely positive word of mouth effect.

Crucially, an overflow calls service could help you grow and maintain your business without you having to lift a finger. It’s a great service to have running in the background.

It’s Maximising Your Potential

When you first start running a business, you are likely going to be pretty ambitious! However, there are going to be a few constraints that keep you firmly in place. Therefore, you’re going to need to think carefully about how you are going to work your way around these boundaries.

One of the best ways to expand your capabilities and to realise your full potential is to delegate tasks! One of the most menial tasks you will have on your plate, of course, is to answer and handle calls. If you don’t have the time to handle queries and set up new contracts while running your business, you are going to need to make sure you have help from a talented team to act as your backup.

Planet Numbers offers a wide range of different services, all of them built to help you expand and enhance the running of your firm. We understand that running and maintaining a business can be tricky. However, it doesn’t hurt to reach out and ask for help, and what’s more, there are some pretty creative ways you can continue to grow and evolve your brand in the modern age.

Need some help handling your incoming calls? Set up a business call overflow service off-site with Planet Numbers. You’ll save money, time, and effort – and what’s more, your customers will continue to delight in your fantastic standards of care and expertise. Call us now on 08000 886 886 or look at our call answering packages online for more details.

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