The Advanced Features of 0845 Numbers

2nd May 2012

The 0845 numbers available in the UK are NGNs charged at a rate chosen by the owner of the number. That rate can be as low as the local rate, or it can be much higher, allowing the company to generate a profit. When the industry discusses the benefits of 0845 numbers, most of the focus is on their value as long-term investments. Today, however, we’re going to explore some of the supplementary services that a business can use to make their 0845 number even more valuable.

1. Inbound Call Management

Inbound call management for 0845 numbers is an array of services, including such features as basic routing, call queuing and voicemail services. Advanced inbound call management services includes virtual receptionists and the like.

2. Zone Routing

Zone routing for 0845 numbers is an advanced aspect of inbound call management that becomes very important as companies grow large and begin to handle large call volumes. A UK department store chain, for instance, may use zone routing to distribute calls to the appropriate local store.

3. Call Data Monitoring, Tracking, Logging and Analysis

These features allow a business a sophisticated database that stores all information relevant to all calls in a redundant scenario. This is important so that the business can anticipate its growing needs, and then respond to them in a timely fashion. It is also an important feature because a business can use it to meet the needs of their clients more efficiently and productively.

4. Call Recording

Call recording is a feature that allows a business to preserve copies of all calls, and to store those copies in the database. This is beneficial to assess employees, and it is beneficial in serving clients, vendors and associates because you have a history of all communication between the parties.

5. Fax to Email

Although as a society we’re phasing out the use of fax, businesses have to support it because some people still use it. With a fax-to-email service associated with your 0845 numbers, the 0845 numbers can automatically detect an incoming fax, convert it to email and then email the message to the workstation you’ve designated.