The Benefits Of 0800 Numbers for Your Business

23rd November 2016

Planet Numbers is not only your number one provider of cheap international calls, but we can also supply your business with a memorable 0800 number to boost your image and save your customers money in the process.

Whether you’re new to 0800 numbers or you’re just unsure of whether they’re right for you, here are just some of the benefits of adopting a 0800 number for your business.

They’re free to call

Possibly the biggest benefit of 0800 numbers is that it doesn’t cost a thing for customers to call. This makes calling up your business much easier for customers – giving them a positive impression of your company whether they want to enquire about a service or complain.

Ofcom rules state that 0800 numbers can be called for free from both landlines and mobiles, giving customers incredible ease of access when trying to contact your company.

Numbers that cost to call can be detrimental to businesses, especially those who have already built up a considerable clientele. Long wait times means high unnecessary charges for customers, so switching to a freephone line will be an added selling point.

Less strain on wait times

Direct communication with a company shouldn’t be a luxury, and it can be made all the more infuriating for your customers if they’re charged every time they contact you.

Call wait times are unavoidable, and if you have hundreds of people trying to contact you at once, then your customers will have to wait on the line before you can get to them. With a freephone number, you’ll alleviate some of the frustration from call waiting times.

They’re permanent

Once you’ve assigned yourself a 0800 number, that number is yours for life. It doesn’t matter if BT alters its number scheme or makes changes internally, you will never be expected to change your number.

Your 0800 number is completely portable too, should your company moves location. You don’t have to go through the tedious process of updating your information on directories and paying for a new phone number.

This is great for avoiding unnecessary extra costs further down the line and helps keep your number, and your company’s brand, memorable.

Call management features

With a 0800 number, customers are provided with a series of options to kerb high call volumes, which make the process of contacting your business effortless.

You can employ a welcome message that’s tailored to your company and use a professional voicemail system that can record messages and then send them back to you via email in the form of an audio file.

0800 numbers also allow call forwarding to different departments or call centres, as well as the time of day routeing that allows customers to leave messages out of hours.

They also enable comprehensive call recording to help train customer service advisors, help improve their skills and improve your company’s service overall.

Save you and your customers’ money today

There’s no excuse for not utilising 0800 numbers. Planet Numbers offer a wide range of memorable 0800 numbers that can help build your companies image and streamline communication between you and your customers – all at a low, low cost.

Don’t deprive your customers of a direct line to you. Welcome them in with open arms, and you’ll soon see customer confidence, and your company’s credibility, grow rapidly.