The benefits of picking an 03 telephone number.

1st February 2012

0800 numbers are nationally recognised as the UK’s freephone business telephone number. From a landline, 0800 numbers are free to call, making them favorable with callers across the countries. Along with giving businesses memorable digits, 0800 numbers have the additional benefit of showing customers that the business cares enough about callers to allow them to call for free.

From a mobile however, callers can incur some charges. As mobile services providers do not include 0800 numbers within their free service plans, callers can expect to pay up to 15p/minute for dialing an 0800 number.

With an 03 telephone number, you receive all the benefits that you would with an 0800 number – including some incredible digits – along with the assurance that the customer will not be charged any extra for making the call. 03 telephone numbers are included in the callers monthly minutes, if calling from a mobile and is usually included in any landline service package bundles.

The best news is, when you purchase an 03 number with Planet Numbers, it’ll still possess the great features that come with all our telephone numbers. It’ll still have the ability to re-route at the click of the button, to set up intelligent and innovative features; such as Call Whisper and Auto Attendant and there will still be the choice of fantastically memorable numbers.

If you have an 0845 number with us, we have already set aside your 03 equivalent, keeping the same digits. Give one of our friendly customer service members a call and begin advertising your 03 telephone number today.