The Branding Power Of 0845 Numbers

15th July 2011

Creating an image of trust and reliability is an ongoing process that should not be neglected for even an instance. Nearly every decision and action a business takes will have some impact on their brand image. Even, the phone numbers that they provide customers should be carefully considered. 0845 numbers can influence a company’s brand in several ways.

Despite the increasingly global economy, many people still prefer to do business with local merchants when possible. 0845 numbers appeal to this popular desire. Customers know they are dialling a UK number and will begin the conversation believing they are speaking with a fellow citizen. 0845 numbers can be routed to a variety of different locations to be answered. The phone exchange system can identify the location of the caller and have the closest geographic number receive the call. This can further enhance a companies image as a local business in the eyes of the customer.

It is also possible to select a number that is more memorable. Some 0845 numbers are available with an easy sequence of numbers that many customers will find easy to recall after watching a television advert or listening to an advert on the radio.

The positive branding aspects of 0845 numbers may seem small, however, the negative impacts they avoid are are significantly bigger. Maintaining a strong brand is just as much about not doing damage as it is about positive promotion and non geographic numbers can help promote a positive brand image.