The Fantastic 4S

7th October 2011

Although everyone was half expecting a completely new design and there was a few disappointed faces when they unveiled the iPhone4 again, but Apple had a trick up their sleeve.

The iPhone 4S has a new engine packed with over 200 new features.

One of the new features is the Dual-Core A5 chip, the fastest processor yet to go into an iPhone which means that it has twice the power and up to seven times faster graphics than it’s previous models. App’s will react quicker along with games and browsing the web. With the new Dual-core chip being so energy efficient the new iPhone4S has outstanding battery life.

Apple have also upgraded the camera to an outstanding 8 megapixels, that’s 60% more than on the previous model of the iPhone 4. With a custom lens, a larger aperture and a new sensor gives it fantastic photo opportunities. Also adding software that you can now touch up photo’s on your iPhone by cropping, rotating and even red-eye removal means that you can enhance your photo’s on the go. Also with the new video stabilisation features it makes it even more easier to capture them all important moments, and if that wasn’t enough then you can then edit the video directly on your iPhone.

The new iOS5 brings over 200 new features including notification center, iMessage, reminders and much more. Notification center has everything in one place, missed calls, messages, calendar events, facebook/twitter and more. Everything new pops up discreetly at the top of the screen so it doesn’t interrupt what your already doing. iMessage allows you to message other iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users with unlimited and secure messaging. Also with iMessage it allows you to talk to a group of friends, family or work colleges at once. Whilst being able to see who’s read your message with read receipts you can send photos, videos, locations and contacts. Your twitter is now integrated into iOS5 so once signed in you can tweet directly from Safari, Photo’s, YouTube and Maps.

With Apple manufacturing both the software and hardware it allows the user to take full advantage of it’s features such as the multi-touch interface, the accelerometer, the three-axis gyro and it’s incredible accelerated graphics.

With your data being so important Apple have worked round the clock to provide you the safest ways to keep your data, your data. Passwords can be set instantly, location restrictions can be put in place so apps requesting location information can be told to either lie or show where you are. Options are made available so you can have all your data erased after a set amount of incorrect attempts at your password. A feature called ‘Find my iPhone’ helps in situations where you have either lost or had your iPhone stolen, it allows you to locate your phone on a map or remotely delete you data.

Parental control gives you 100% control on what your kiddy winks do when they have hold of your phone, you can stop them doing anything from using the internet to purchasing games on iTunes.

Although the majority wanted a new design Apple claim that this phone is “Picking up where amazing left off.”

Now all we have to do now is wait until we can test drive the new phone and see if it’s as amazing as Apple claims.

What are your opinions on how the new phone will be?