The Importance Of Customer Service

26th July 2010

Last year, Planet Numbers were issued with TWO awards in outstanding customer service. We put this down to the superb training that each and every one of our customer service team receives and the fact that we have the loveliest customers in the world.

It lead me to think; just how important is good customer service? Is it really that essential that a customer gets off the telephone feeling happy, every time?

The answer is indisputably, yes. Many businesses underestimate the importance of brilliant customer service. That’s probably why they didn’t win TWO awards for it and we did.

So why is good customer service so vital in a business?

Firstly, customers love having someone real to speak to. It’s comforting to them to hear someone on the end of the phone when they call up. They might never need to phone you but if they do, they’ll be comforted to know there’s always someone there.

Business reputation travels fast. If someone has had a good experience with a business, they will feel compelled to tell all their friends and family. They will post it on their social networking profile or write a review on the web. Unfortunately, the same will happen if someone has had a negative experience.

From a business point of view, if a customer comes off the phone feeling happy, they are much more likely to reuse your service. If it’s a new or a potential customer, you’ve given them no reason NOT to use your service.