The Importantance of having 0800 Numbers

30th June 2012

The ability for a customer to easily contact a business is an important part of keeping that customer’s business year after year. People rarely make a purchase only to forget about the business that sold them the service or product. When they know there is an easy way to contact the business should they have a question or need help after the purchase, consumers have a lot more confidence spending their money with that company.

Phone conversations have been most customers preferred method of contacting businesses for decades. Despite the incredible growth in adoption of email and messaging services, that is still the case today. Freephone numbers are very popular and most customers expect to be able contact businesses via 0800 numbers.

0800 numbers are non geographic phone numbers in the UK. A person can dial the number from anywhere in the country without paying any fees. All associated costs are absorbed by the business being contacted. What a business pays for their 0800 numbers can vary. There are several different payment structures. Some business pay a flat monthly fee while others are on a tiered pricing model based on the volume of calls the company receives. A few choose to pay a set amount per minute of time consumed each month.

Each business is able to negotiate the payment plan with the company that maintains their 0800 numbers. Certain plans may have usage requirements to maintain eligibility. A minimum volume of calls or minutes may be required and any month that fails to meet such requirements may incur a set fee in addition to the fees calculated on actual usage.

Businesses should consider carefully the structure of the 0800 numbers payment plan they choose to go with. Providing customers with the ability to contact them through 0800 numbers is an important part of maintaining and building customer relationships.