The iPhone 5 is getting closer

9th September 2011

Apples new iPhone has moved an inch closer to commercial availability with Deutsche Telekom taking pre-orders of the most talked about model of the phone.

Yesterday o2 UK claimed that it didn’t know when the next iPhone would be made available to the public yet Vodafone UK admitted that it would be available soon and that they would be supplying the device to it’s customers.

Apple is well prepared and is already training it’s staff in the Apple outlets on the iOS 5 operating system that the handset will be running. As well as training it’s staff on the new iCloud service which there hoping to be a big success.

Apples iPhone handsets currently own 18.2% of the worldwide smartphone market which is trailing behind Nokia, which has 22.1% and Google’s Android operating system which is dominating with 43.4%.

We want to know what everyone’s opinion on what the new iPhone will be like, please comment with your opinions below.