The Many Benefits of Call Recording for a Business

19th November 2019

Some people are hesitant to utilise our call recording feature. They cannot help but question the ethical and legal considerations of such a feature. Believe it or not, the call recording feature is used widely throughout the UK.

The government permits every business to record conversations with their customers over the phone so long as all the parties involved are aware that their words are being recorded. In fact, the financial conduct authority has a rule that requires financial service providers to record all their phone conversations.

The objective is to prevent market abuse in the country. So, in case the question has continued to linger in your mind, call recording is completely legal and ethical in the UK. But now that you know this, why is call recording relevant to your business?call recording benefits

Well, the feature has been associated with quite a number of benefits, for instance:


Call recordings are great training tools. Rather than using theoretical scenarios to educate new call agents and receptionists on proper call etiquette, you can use call recordings from actual conversations between customers and veteran call agents to illustrate your point. You can jump so many training hurdles by archiving the most professional interactions and playing them back to junior employees later on.

Customer Satisfaction

You cannot provide satisfactory customer service over the phone without call recordings. Professional call agents make mistakes all the time. Additionally, no amount of training can prepare you or your employees for every single scenario that might occur in the field.

As such, while you can’t avoid mistakes at the beginning, you can make improvements. By listening to call recordings of previous conversations with customers, you can identify the weaknesses in your customer support team and create solutions. Only by consistently fine-tuning the performance of your call agents will you eventually deliver optimal and satisfactory interactions with customers over the phone.


Our call recording feature will help you resolve disputes. Customers expect you to prioritise them above all else. However, your employees need to know that you will support them when things go wrong. Finding a balance between these two lanes is difficult, especially when a customer has raised a complaint against your employee, and the employee in question keeps insisting that they did nothing wrong.

Without call recording, you have to make an educated guess that is going to either sour the customer against your company or destroy the morale of your employee. With call recording, your archives can speak for themselves. By listening to the problematic conversation, you can definitively identify the party that is at fault. You can also present such recordings as evidence to defend your decision against the client or the employee.

If a lawsuit ever arises, your lawyer will also appreciate the presence of a recording.

Performance Review

Call recordings enable you to accurately gauge the performance of your company’s agents. Rather than depending on the feedback of customers, you can review the progress, strengths, and weaknesses of your people by directly monitoring and scrutinising their performance.

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