The Mutual Benefits Of 0845 Numbers

25th May 2012

Maintaining a strong relationship with customers is easy when they are in your office or store. When they are at home or on the road and need to contact you, it can be a bit more difficult. From the customer’s perspective, the need is urgent. 0845 numbers are often the best way to balance both customer and company needs.

0845 numbers are non geographic numbers which means they can be dialled from anywhere in the country without any additional charges. This puts the customer at ease because they are not faced with making a long distance call. Another psychological benefit to 0845 numbers is the fact that it is a UK number. Customers will enter the conversation under the impression that they will be speaking with a fellow citizen.

Independent of increased customer satisfaction, there are several benefits to the company using 0845 numbers. One major benefit is the ability to route calls where you want to. During the morning you may want your London location receiving all the calls while Liverpool may answer the phones in the evening. It is even possible to have the calls routed according to the geographic location of the caller. Portsmouth may receive calls placed in the south while calls from the north are handled in Manchester.

The portability of 0845 numbers is also a good reason to use them. If the company moves its offices, the number goes with it. This can save quite a bit of money not having to reprint packaging that has the companies contact number on it or reworking advertising campaigns to accommodate a new local number.

Customer relationships are a lot like personal relationships. The more stability there is, the stronger it is. 0845 numbers are a great way to provide a stable and enduring way for customers to contact your business on any timetable the customer chooses.