The New Exciting Way To Save You Money!

3rd August 2015

We’ve done it again! Not content with offering great deals on international calls, we’re always striving to think of new and exciting ideas to bring your costs down even further and this month is no exception!

Cheap International Calling AccountAs you may have read in our recent updates, from 1st July 2015 OFCOM changed the way that calls to Non-Geographic Numbers (or NGN’s) are charged. The new system consists of a Service Charge, which is the great low rate that Planet Numbers charges for connecting you to your friends, family and business contacts all those hundreds or thousands of miles away, and the Access Charge which is what your telephone provider charges merely for connecting you to our NGN. To get around this troublesome charge we’ve devised a thrifty new way of connecting you to lands afar!

Here’s how it works; simply sign up to Planet Numbers for our new account based service by clicking here. Once you’re a member you can take advantage of our new UK based 0161 number, which has no Access Charge attached from your telephone provider. What’s more, because it’s a UK based number it will be free to call from most landlines and mobiles that have ‘free minutes’ included in the call plan!

That’s great news, but how do the numbers stack up? Well, here’s a direct comparison:

By calling an 08 NGN number to call USA from a BT landline phone you will pay 9.58p per minute Access Charge, plus 1.5p per minute Service Charge. That means that for a 30 minute call you will pay £3.32, only 45p of which goes to Planet Numbers!

Compare that to calling through an 0161 number as a Planet Numbers Account Customer where you would simply pay 1.5p per minute plus a 5p connection fee, meaning the same call would cost a mere 50p!

What’s the catch I hear you ask? There isn’t one, we’ve simply found a clever way of saving you from paying the extortionate Access Charge rates that telephone providers are forcing you to pay. Now of course you can still call through Planet Numbers on an 08 NGN if you wish and make great savings compared to calling direct through BT; we don’t receive any more money from you calling the 0161 number but we are dedicated to bringing down the cost of international calls for all our customers.

You can find a comprehensive list of Access Charges at here but we’ll warn you, it’s scary reading!

What’s more, you’ll receive all the usual perks and general outstanding service that Planet Numbers offers, but you’ll be saving even more than usual whilst talking to your loved ones. There’s no monthly costs, credit checks or hidden fees; this is just a new and simple way to save you even more money. Why not take a look for yourself and see how much you could save?