The Power of 0845 Numbers

4th May 2012

UK-based 0845 numbers are telephone numbers that allow companies to advertise a local number. The landline or mobile line associated with that number, however, doesn’t have to be local, and the number itself can have rates that differ from the local rates. Since the receiving end does not have to be local, companies can use this to foster a particular image or even to hide the fact that they field the calls outside of the local area or even the United Kingdom.

Those are the obvious benefits of 0845 numbers, and we talk about them time and again. It is the other benefits, however, the ones that don’t receive enough attention, that we’d like to talk about today. For instance, 0845 numbers give a company the ability to market as well as track and analyse those efforts. Most modern 0845 services include an interface that allows a business to collect call data in an organized manner, which they can then analyse.

Most of the time when we talk about 0845 numbers, we discuss how they are excellent long-term investments. They are also quite powerful in short-term scenarios. Consider a business that runs a seasonal promotion. They want to evaluate how successful the marketing is so they can improve on it for the next season. By using a short-term 0845, they can use the monitoring capabilities we mentioned above to achieve the information they need quickly.

Another benefit of 0845 numbers is true flexibility. When you think of an 0845, think of it as a frontend. It is simply an interface to the business, and you can point that interface wherever you like. As a small business, you may point it at the office during business hours and at a mobile during non-business hours. When the business grows, the number can point at the receptionist during the day and then at a voicemail system at night.