The Pros and Cons of 0800 Numbers

23rd May 2012

In the UK, 0800 numbers are cost-effective and productive tools for most businesses. But are they the right tool for your business or for you personally as an independent business professional? It is a straightforward question, but the answer is complex. There are alternatives to 0800 numbers, such as 0845 numbers, which make much more financial sense in some scenarios. In order to determine which option is right for you, let us consider the pros and cons of 0800 numbers:


• 0800 numbers typically have higher start-up costs associated with them.
• Due to the cost per call, these numbers take longer to yield a profit.
• Many callers use mobile phones, and 0800s are not always completely free from mobiles.


• In the UK, Freephone numbers are universally recognized.
• Consumers associate Freecall numbers with value, success and reputability.
• Those aspects tend to reflect positively on the brand associated with the number.
• 0800 numbers are the best way to make a business accessible via phone.

Pros Associated with NGNs in General

• No location data is associated with a non-geographic number.
• A business can use that privacy to foster a very specific business image.
• A business cannot lose the rights to their NGN, although they can abandon it or sell it.
• A business can transfer their numbers to other services.
• A business can easily expand the services associated with the number to meet their needs.
• A business can advertise and market their number without risk.

The Choice

When choosing between 0800 numbers and the alternatives, it comes down to the long-term plans for the business. A telephone number with 0800 prefix is hardest on the business early on, which can make the other options seem more attractive, but in many scenarios, the Freephone numbers pay the greatest dividends long-term. If the primary focus of the number is to generate leads, convert leads or provide some manner of support or service for a product or service, then the 0800 prefix is by far the best long-term option.