The Relocation Blog

1st April 2014

The theme of todays Planet Numbers Blog is relocation and all the thrills and challenges such a change can bring. This topic has been on our mind as of late as we recently made a decision to relocate to a newer, fancier office. Of course the excitement experienced was also joined by a daunting sense of organisation that would be required to complete the move.

We realised we were going to be faced with a large logistical challenge. We divided the plan into two parts, business needs and the needs of our customers. The business needs weren’t too hard, a gradual change staggered at the right times accounted for most of the issues but the customer facing aspect was bound to be more difficult.

This raised the question, how do you let your customers know you’ve moved and how do you ensure you stay in contact with your customers throughout the move? An issue faced by some businesses in these situations is they cannot take their telephone number with them when they move.  If you rely on a hardline that number will stay in that building leaving your customers dialling a phone that no one is going to answer.

Thankfully with an 08 or even a local number from Planet Numbers you’re able to change where that number is point wherever you want. Naturally this took a massive part of the stress out of the relocation planning; all we have to do is turn up, point the numbers towards our new hard-lines and take calls as normal, no down time even for a minute.

As a customer facing business, the majority of customer contact comes through the phone. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers can always reach us. If you want to ensure your customers can always get you on the phone regardless of where you are or where you move to, take out an 08 number today.