The True Power of 0800 Numbers

2nd May 2012

Of all the NGNs available in the UK, 0800 numbers (or Freephone) are the most powerful and cost-efficient means of making yourself accessible to your clients and even to vendors and associates. A big part of this is simply the perception of Freephone. UK consumers have a very positive image of these numbers, and so when you use them, that positivity favorably affects your business image as well.

Consider a comparison of 0845 numbers and 0800 numbers. In many cases, there is very little difference between the two. If 0845 access is included as part of my home telephone package, then for me, an 0845 call is just the same as Freephone. Nevertheless, UK consumer studies have shown that given the choice, the caller usually opts for the Freephone, because they associate it with the concept of free.

The other great benefit is its flexibility: 0800 numbers can expand with the business. We cannot overstate the value of this. How many business tools work just as well for the corporation as they do for the small business? More importantly, how many business tools actually prove to be more cost-effective the longer you own them without any additional investment?

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t invest in your 0800 numbers. You should, aggressively, in fact. Since you can’t lose the rights to your 0800 numbers ever, you can invest without risk. And since the service can simply expand the network to meet your growing needs, there is never any concern that the business will eventually outgrow that 0800 number in which they’ve invested so much.

As a business graduates from small to medium-sized and then perhaps even goes public, they begin to have very substantial phone needs. These needs can be costly, or the service can handle meeting them at minimal upgrade costs using the very same 0800 numbers you’ve been using all along. And if you do decide to build your own phone network, it’s an easy thing to integrate any current 0800 number.