Time to wrap up

19th October 2011

With the rising cost of bills and money becoming even more hard to get, it’s now time to start saving.

With the prices for gas and heating being at an all time high and our economical state not being at it’s best, more and more families are starting to struggle with bills. Reports have shown that some of the biggest energy firms profit margins have risen from £15 per customer to £125 per customer.

With the cold weather approaching fast, most people would just do the easiest option and turn the heating on. But now more and more people are starting to notice that massive rise in cost and they are starting to have seconds thoughts. A lot of people are starting to stick on extra clothing and just bear the cold for the sake of saving more money for other important bills, like rent or food bills. Rather than just sticking the on the tumble drier, people are trying to make the most out of the dry weather we have left, by doing the old fashioned thing and hanging clothes up on the washing line.

There are lots more ways that households can save money. People could lower their fuel bills by either walking, cycling or lift sharing with others. This could save you the equivalent of a weeks worth of food shopping. People could revise their food bills and see if they use everything they buy each week, to make sure they’re not wasting any money on products they don’t use. A lot of people leave their lights on unnecessarily and waste not only money but the life of the bulb itself, by keeping them on.

Massive phone bills are another issue. Lots of people have tariffs with inclusive minutes that they may not use. For example if you have a tariff with 600 inclusive minutes but you only use 300 then reducing your tariff could save you money each month.

Another way of reducing your phone bill is a cheap international call service. Using a cheap international call service like ours you can make calls from just 1p per minute to any and save anything up to £100 per hour to every destination. Think about the bills you could pay with over £100.

Here at Planet Numbers we are interested to know any tips you may have for saving money and reducing bills, please comment below.