Track Advertising With Multiple Phone Numbers.

10th June 2009

Track Your Advertising

Advertising can be an expensive thing. Some businesses spend millions of pounds in order to spread the word on their latest product or service. However, the best advertising technique is yet to be proven and with the global financial climate deteriorating, businesses are doing everything they can in order to stay afloat.

It puts business owners in a very difficult position. They know that they need to invest in marketing and advertising campaigns in order to bring in those new customers but also know that spending vast amounts of money is a massive gamble at the moment.

If only there was some way of tracking your advertising? A way of checking which technique is benefiting you best? A way to save businesses time and money?

Recently, Planet Numbers have been offering businesses multi-number call tracking packages in order to give them that helping hand. By offering companies several numbers instead of just the one, companies can use the call stats on the number to check which technique is succeeding.

Using this chart, we can see that for this particular business the number used on their INTERNET advertisement was benefiting them best. Businesses can then see which advertising techniques are failing and rectify it, saving them money. Furthermore, along with checking how many minutes of incoming calls you make, businesses are also able to check the time of day of the calls, optimising their customer service.

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