UK’s love for mobile purchases continues to blossom

20th February 2013

Here at Planet Numbers – as you may have noticed from several of our previous blogs – we are pretty enthusiastic about the prospect of developing mobile technology.  We especially love that the concept of using your smartphone to make purchases and payments is increasing in popularity amongst UK consumers.

Having been slow on the uptake of new technology, a new study published just days after Valentine’s Day appears to have shown that UK smartphone users are ready to enter into a full blown relationship with mobile purchasing, having established a firm trust in the process.

The study was conducted by Intela – a global performance marketing company and international provider of consumer data.  Having asked 1000 UK smartphone owners, they found that 50% would spend over £10 on their mobile with no qualms at all.

More promising still is the discovery that 40% would be more likely to use their smartphone for purchases than they were last year – showing an astonishing rise in consumer confidence.  It even found out that 12% would happily spend over £100 in a single payment.

So where does this new found trust and love come from?

Well, it seems email campaigns optimised for smartphones were a key persuader for 27% of users; whilst in comparison, those annoying banner ads you find on websites influence just 1%.

Retail goods are the most popular purchase to be made, accounting for 40% of mobile purchases.  22% said they would redeem special offers (probably offered to them via email campaigns) or buy things relating to lifestyle and entertainment.

It seems even people wanting to get away from the UK for a while would use their mobile to make it happen, with 17% using smartphones for offers relating to travel.

According to Guénolé Le Gall, who is head of Mobile at Intela, mobile purchasing is down to mobile marketing successfully harnessing consumer’s “irrational passion” for having the latest gadgets or going on holiday.

We’re not entirely sure what it boils down to but whatever it is we think it’s undeniably a change for the best – as long as they don’t make it too easy to spend £100 in one go too often or we’d all be broke!


Robin James