Understanding 0333 Numbers

17th October 2019

Along with inbound call handling, VoIP and various other cloud-based features, we offer 0333 numbers which have become popular, particularly among large organisations. People have become very attentive when it comes to the types of numbers they call because of the financial impact they can have.

Some numbers are simply more expensive to call than others. This was part of the reason why 0333 numbers were introduced in the first place. Of course, they have so much more to offer than just their appealing pricing plans.

If 0333 numbers are completely alien to you, these are some of the basics that you need to know:

0333 Numbers Are Non-Geographic0333 numbers

This is the most notable attribute of 0333 numbers. They are primarily associated with landlines and yet, they are not attached to any particular region or area. This is why large organisations use them. There are customers who only transact with local companies.

Large organisations use 0333 numbers to avoid this sort of bias. They do not have to limit their operations to particular areas.

Organisations Love 0333 Numbers

As it has been mentioned above, 03 numbers are primarily used by large organisations with a countrywide reach such as government bodies, charities, and even financial institutions. A large organisation without a 03 number must assign different phone contacts to different regions.

This means creating scattered marketing campaigns designed to promote these different phone numbers to different segments of the population. A 0333 number creates a single point of contact. Organisations can use the exact same phone number to answer calls from all corners of the UK.

0333 Numbers Are Not Freephone Numbers

You might be surprised by the number of people who think that 0333 numbers are freephone numbers. This confusion is understandable. After all, these numbers are favored by large organisations, and it is standard practice for large organisations to make toll free numbers available.

Unfortunately, 0333 numbers do not fit that category.

0333 Numbers Are Priced the Same as Standard Landlines

The cost of calling an 0333 number doesn’t differ from what you would encounter when calling an 01 or 02 number. The only significant difference between 0333 numbers and 01/02 numbers is the fact that 0333 numbers are non-geographic.

Otherwise, the costs are calculated the same way. You can also use any bundled free calls and inclusive minutes when you call 0333 numbers. There are no additional charges associated with them. The cost remains unchanged regardless of whether you’re using a landline or a mobile phone.

Can You Call A 0333 Number from Abroad?

Technically, nothing can stop you from calling a 0333 number from abroad. However, there is no way of guaranteeing success. It all depends on your local service provider. Telecommunication companies in some countries could block your call for one of several reasons.

If you must call a 0333 number, don’t forget to include the country code (+44). There is no way of knowing the charges you will incur, though. It could be more expensive than a call from within the UK. But you can still try.

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