Unlimited Cheap Calls to Bangladesh

5th September 2012

Keeping up with friends and family who are in Bangladesh used to be a very expensive business, but that is just not the case anymore. For just 3p a minute you can catch up with all the gossip; this is just a fraction of how much you would pay if you were to call using BT. In fact, you will be saving 26.5p per minute over what you would have paid if you had made the call through BT!

By simply dialling 0843 718 7777 you can make cheap calls to Bangladesh without breaking the bank.

How does it work?

It is very simple to make low cost international calls. First of all you simply dial 0843 718 7777. Once connected you will hear a short message followed by the dialling tone. You can now enter your Bangladesh number. It is really that simple.

For example, say you wanted to call someone in the capital city of Dhaka; all you need to do is dial 0843 7187 7777 then 00880 2, followed by the person’s number.

Once you have finished your call you can just hang up. There is no need to sign up or register, and there is no need for a PIN. It is a dial around service which is available at any time of the day or night and the price of your call doesn’t change, no matter what time you call or how long you chat for.

The charge for your call will appear on your telephone bill; however, the number will appear as 0843 718 7777 and, most importantly, the charge will be only 2p per minute. The call is not charged to you by your landline provider because your international call is diverted via the internet network which means that you are not using their international telephone system.

Ideal for everyone!

Cheap international calls are suitable for both residential and business users. Whether you want to call loved ones in Chittagong or need to contact a client in Rangpur, simply dialling 0843 718 7777 will save you or your company a lot of money.

No matter where you are calling in Bangladesh your call is still charged at only 3p a minute. (plus your phone provider’s access charge). There really is no catch involved. You can even call when your phone is barred from calling abroad. Why? Because you are calling a UK number!

There are no additional fees involved, no need to register beforehand, and no messing around with PIN numbers. Simply call the access number and then your overseas number. And don’t be put off by the fact that it is a 0843 number; calling this number is not expensive. It really is only 3p per minute.

Don’t let the cost of the call put you off contacting friends, family, and associates who live or work in Bangladesh. Call 0843 718 7777 and relax in the knowledge that whatever city in Bangladesh you call and whoever you chat to, it won’t be costing you a fortune.


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