Cheap International Calls using Virgin Media.

9th November 2009

We all know that calling abroad can be extortionate, causing the caller to pay ridiculously high rates or having to avoid calling completely, simply because they cannot afford it.

So, like a telecommunications version of Superman, Planet Numbers fly in to rescue the day, by offering unbelievably cheap calls to almost every country in the world.

Understandably, this leaves some people scratching their heads wondering ‘What’s the catch?’ The joy of it is: there isn’t one. You really can call overseas from your BT landline for as little as 1p/minute.

However, we’ve recently been made aware that someone has been out to spoil the party.

Unfortunately, Virgin Media have decided that calling abroad for 1p/minute really is ‘too good to be true’ and therefore have been overcharging customers. They do this by charging Planet Numbers’ advertised rate, along with the price they’d normally charge to call our access numbers, which we believe to be around 8p/minute.

So a call to USA that should cost 1p/minute, is now costing around 9p/minute which, to be fair, is still a heck of a lot cheaper than calling the number directly – but we still think it should be cheaper.

That’s where Superplan… etnumbers (that kind of works?) comes to rescue the day again.

Providing that your line is with BT, but Virgin is billing you, you can bypass these excessive charges by dialling 1280 before our access number

This means, you’ll be charged by BT instead of Virgin and therefore you will be charged the advertised rate! Yippee!

That number again is 1280. So feel free to try it out.

Planet Numbers save the day again!

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