Using Access Numbers to Make Cheap International Calls to Argentina

24th April 2012

In today’s commercial and domestic world the need to be able to communicate with people all over the world is growing rapidly. It is not so bad if you are a large company, the cost of making international calls is easily absorbed, but for smaller companies it can mean make or break.

For example, it costs around 97p per minute to call Argentina from the UK using a BT landline, which works out at nearly £5 for a five-minute conversation. Although the internet provides alternative ways to communicate there is no substitute for speaking on the phone, but the cost of making these calls could literally finish a new company before it has even established itself. This is where a dial around service comes into its own.

What is a dial around service?

A dial around service uses what is known as an access number, which is based in the UK and instead of using the traditional phone line system it routes its calls via the internet, a system known as voice over IP or VOIP. The access numbers begin with what is generally termed a high calling cost number, such as 0872, 0843 and 0913; however, because the calls are routed via the internet prices start from as little as 1p per minute.

This service allows both corporate and residential users to make cheap international calls to any destination in the world. Also, because the number you call is based in the UK it enables people to call overseas even if international dialling is barred on their mobile phone or landline.

The service is extremely easy to use, all you need to do is check the website for the access number of the country you wish to call and dial it. There will be a short prompt followed by a secondary dial tone and this is when you enter the number you wish to be connected to. What is more, this service can be used via a landline, mobile phone or even a phone box.

What about billing?

There is no separate bill to pay; the cost of the calls is simply added to your current service provider’s monthly bill. Please be aware that your service provider will most likely charge a connection or call set-up fee and this varies from company to copy. It is advisable to check in advance, so you do not receive an unexpected charge on your next bill.

There is no need to register to use the Cheap International Calls service; there is no sign-up fee and the price you pay is what is stated on the website for the country you wish to call. The prices are set, so the time of day does not affect them; if it states 1p per minute, then that is what you will be charged. For example, calling Argentina from a landline will cost you just 1p per minute; simply dial 0843 715 7777 followed by the Argentinian number, starting with 00 first.