Local Numbers – your virtual office … anywhere

8th April 2009

Want your business to hit the big time? 350 branches in Britain? Stay connected 24/7? Planet Numbers are there to make it happen – as for thousands of smiling customers before you. What´s the catch you ask? There isn’t any.

Get moving with STD local exchange numbers

First, Planet Numbers give you a number with a local STD code from 350 destinations around the country. So you have 350 options for starters.

What is better than 350 accessible little offices in Britain? Your customers could be at the other end of the country but they’d be comforted to know you’re only a local call away. The proximity inspires them; knowing you’re right there, slap bang in their backyard. That will give you heaps of leverage and clout. That pretty much gets you an edge you badly need. But it’s also a pipedream; out of your reach. Or so you think.

Planet Numbers gives you a local office everywhere in Britain.

What? How does that work? Let’s say your business is in Birmingham on a 0121 code but you’re trying to clinch a deal with a valued client in London. Planet Numbers gives you a 0207 number for your clients to call. The call is directed to you in Birmingham but they think they’re yakking with you across the Thames. So its win-win all the way: cheaper for your customer on a local call, and he thinks you’re big league with a local office. So when you place your modest little ad in the local paper, slam a local number on it.

Now how about wowing your customers with a virtual office service? A virtual receptionist takes charge offering a list of options to key in. Your customer can be connected to a specific department, or have the call automatically redirected to a secondary number if the original is busy, or even have the call diverted to a specially assigned number after working hours? In other words with Planet Numbers Call Manager you offer your customer 24/7 service which puts you light years ahead of the pack. And that´s not all, there´s a lot more where that came from – Zone plan, Call Queuing, Call Recording. Voicemail to email…

What’s this going to cost, you ask. It depends which product you take advantage of, there is a set up fee for a Call Manager suite and a small additional service charge.

Please call our business sales team on 08450 777 777 for immediate assistance.

And the magic 0845 numbers? A one-time installation fee from £49, an ongoing monthly service charge from £10, no incoming call charges, your callers pay 2p a min. daytime and 0.5p a min. at all other times. Worth it at the price? Thousands of customers think so.