Would Virtual Receptionist Benefit your Business?

6th April 2009

Unprofessional receptionist services could prove to be a huge deterrent to your business interests. Most businesses are on the lookout for an effective way to solve this issue forever. Virtual receptionist services are being increasingly used by companies who want a convenient and cost-effective way of accommodating large volumes of inquiries from present or prospective clients and associates. This gives the businesses a very efficient receptionist, performing all the vital delegated duties, all-round the clock and in total accordance with the company protocol.

Cost savings with virtual receptionist services

As they offer an automated system of taking care of every call without the need to hire an actual employee. Hence, the most obvious cost saving is in the form of the monthly salary that no longer needs to be paid. Secondly, this service is very cheap and has almost negligible maintenance costs. The entire automated system is set-up in such a manner that expenditure in terms of installation-related hardware is minimal and is just a one-time procedure.

Accessibility – available  even beyond the regular office hours

Another advantage is the sheer volume of calls that can be handled in this way, as the conventional employee limitations are done away with. The virtual receptionist continues to function even during the usual off-hours and even weekends, on a 24/7 format and there are practically no restrictions on the number of calls that are handled in a day. This means that your business number is accessible to the customers even beyond the regular office hours.

Smooth transition – no extra equipment needed

Virtual receptionist services can be set-up within the existing infrastructure without the need to allocate any extra space or conduct any training or trial set-ups. The virtual receptionist system is fully capable of integrating itself with any form of office administration and is compatible with all office routines. Once installed, the entire operation is fully automated and needs no personnel interaction. This system is based on computer-based functionalities and doesn’t need any sort of surveillance.

Convenience personified – virtual assistance supports phone-based communication

It means that all the business activities that need phone-based communication are conducted in a streamlined manner. This includes making important reminder calls to your clients. These services are complete with basic features such as voicemails and the transfer of calls at any listed number across any location. The calls are answered promptly and the message is delivered to the listed phone numbers.

General Apprehensions Regarding a Virtual Receptionist Answered

Does the virtual receptionist have to remain active throughout the day?

Not necessarily. These services can be personalised in terms of dedicated hours for which a business would want them to be activated. However, usually businesses prefer to use them on a 24×7 format.

Will all the messages be delivered on time?

Yes, each message is delivered on numbers that are fed to the automated system. The choice of how the messages have to be delivered has to be specified by the users. This could be via SMS on mobile numbers or in the form of e-mail as a voice (WAV) file. The delivery of messages is very quick without any delays.