Vodafone has lowered roaming charges further

2nd May 2014

One of the biggest bits of news in the telecommunications industry this year was the EU decision to scrap mobile roaming charges across Europe. MEPs voted through the telecoms reform aiming to ensure that by 2015 the cost of making a call or downloading data will be the same across Europe. Since then mobile operators have been striving to be the one’s ahead of the curve.

In line with this, Vodafone have reduced the charge for their “Europe-Wide Euro Traveller” service by a third. This service essentially allows a person to use the full range of their contract allowance (calls, texts, data etc.) while visiting any country in Europe. Previously set at £3.00 Vodafone have dropped the price to just £2.00 per day.

Obviously by the end of next year this service will be unnecessary, the whole of the EU will fall under the same mobile zone. With this in mind its great to see mobile operators racing to make changes.

It is worth noting however that outside of Europe customer’s on any mobile network can still be stung by excessive roaming charges. Thankfully it is becoming easy to pick up a local sim card for your trip or holiday, allowing your family and friends the cheapest call to you with no cost to you personally.