VoIP: Why it is So Cheap

11th March 2020

Legacy phones use PBX systems to send messages. VoIP stands out because it transmits calls using data packets. Traditional phone systems such as the landline have been the dominant means of communication in most parts of the world since the 19th Century.

But the introduction of the internet changed everything. And even though people were initially quite reluctant to accept it, VoIP has become a far more convenient communication tool than the traditional PBX system. More importantly, it has also become the cheaper option, and for a number of reasons, including:

You Can Use a Single Service Provider

Legacy phone systems normally force businesses to contract the services of numerous vendors. Some larger corporations can afford the expensive but comprehensive packages offered by certain telecommunication companies.

But the average small and medium-sized entity has to utilise different vendors for their data services, mobile communication systems, and office lines. Some of these firms can only provide the virtual infrastructure required to enable communication across the various departments of an office.

You must look elsewhere for your hardware needs. VoIP eliminates all these complications and expenses by allowing a single service provider to meet all your communication requirements. You can use the same vendor to acquire VoIP phones, configure your network, enable mobile communication, and so much more. Such consolidation reduces costs exponentially.

The Need for Extensive In-House IT Support is Eliminated

The services of a VoIP vendor are quite comprehensive. Not only will they furnish your office with the hardware and software tools your system needs to operate but they will maintain everything, performing repairs and upgrades where necessary.

Naturally, as a business, you are still encouraged to keep at least one IT expert on hand. But even if you lack the financial means to hire one, because VoIP systems operate over the internet, you can still rely on your service provider to monitor your system remotely.

Billing is Straightforward

Anyone that has ever managed a traditional phone system knows that the billing process is quite complicated where such outdated communication mechanisms are concerned. With a legacy system, the charges you incur might vary depending on the time of day that calls are made. Some phone lines might cost more than others.

Your communication expenses are also shaped by the geographical location of your offices. Not only are your VoIP-related expenses not affected by geographical borders but your payment methods are consolidated.

In most cases, you can keep your entire system up and running by making a single monthly, quarterly, or annual payment regardless of the location. It is much easier to track your spending.

VoIP Doesn’t Require Extensive Hardware Installation

Since it uses the same network that operates your company’s internet, you can install VoIP without procuring new hardware. It is even possible to use traditional handsets to make VoIP calls. While VoIP phones definitely exist, you don’t need them to communicate via VoIP.

You can reduce costs considerably by using your pre-existing communication infrastructure to run your VoIP system.

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