Vote Planet Numbers this election!

5th May 2010

The General Election is only days away (well tomorrow actually) and the three main parties, Labour, The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats battle it out to win your prestigious vote, hoping that they’ll be the one’s sitting in 10 Downing Street this time on Friday.

We thought we’d get in on the fun and have created our own campaign; The Planet Numbers Party. Our policies are simple and are guaranteed to please everyone. There are no lies in our manifesto, no unkept promises and we won’t call anyone bigoted – ever.

Please find a list of our very simple but very important policies:

1. We promise to keep delivering the same impeccable customer service. If you have any issues making a telephone call abroad, just call us up and a smiley representative will be on hand to help.

2. We will do our best to keep lowering costs. In an ideal world, all calls abroad would be free but sadly, this isn’t the case. We promise to keep fighting to get the 5p/minutes down to 4p/minute and the 3p/minutes down to 2p/minute.

3. We will continue to connect you to the world. To us, relationships are important. This is why we offer a faultless service so you can talk to anyone in the world at the lowest possible cost. Stay on the phone longer with Planet Numbers and avoid those hefty bills.

It’s not time to make a change – it’s time to pocket it. This election, vote PLANET NUMBERS.

In all seriousness, we’re not running for election. Please make sure you vote for the party YOU think will help Britain the most.