Ways You Can Cut Down Customer Response Times

22nd February 2021

If there’s one thing all your callers and customers expect from you before you even talk to them, it’s a speedy response. Failing to answer calls quickly could be a massive turn-off for some big clients and callers. Therefore, why take the risk?

Knowing how to increase your call response potential isn’t always easy. Planet Numbers is on hand to help you find ways and means to improve your efficiency and productivity in this area. However, it’s important we understand what you might need to do to improve your response quotient moving forwards. Here are just a few ways you can reduce customer response times, no matter your business.

Call Answering Service

Automate Everything

One of the best ways you can reassure your callers early on is to automate your handling via the IVR at the first point of contact.

You could use a call handling dashboard to set up estimated wait times for customers, or to set up a system whereby a caller puts a ticket in your queue and then gets a callback. It means your callers feel that little bit more looked-after, too.

Focus on Self-Help

A lot of customers want to be able to help themselves. Thankfully, you’re in a position to facilitate this.

For example, you could set up a roadmap via your website or even via your telephony IVR to encourage self-diagnosis, fault repair and more. You could make this as simple as setting up a short message or two before people reach you, for example. Many people will prefer to fix an issue themselves, quickly, than wait for support.

Direct Your Traffic

One of the must-dos for any modern business IVR is to set up a directional roadmap that actually makes sense. If, for example, someone calls regarding a technical issue, you really don’t want to lump them all into the billing queue.

Therefore, you can use a smarter IVR or call handling switchboard where callers can choose where they want to go. This means shorter call queues into each department, and less chance of generic calls piling up into one stack.

Make it Personal

You can really personalise each call, and therefore make it more fluid and more efficient, just by attaching it to a CRM.

A CRM will help you to pull up customer details and notes when they first call through. This means there’s less muddling around for records. It also means that your callers feel a little more valued each time they speak to you. This is a huge factor in customer retention as well as lead building.

Train Your Agents Effectively

It’s all well and good to assume that your agents are doing enough to handle calls as efficiently as possible. But are they really going the extra mile?

Make sure to train your call handlers to understand the importance of note logging and proactive care. You should encourage your handlers to proactively handle cases in their own workflows so that repeat calls don’t roll through again and again.

You can bolster this by rethinking the way your agents actively help people. Are the processes you have in place efficient for callers, or just for keeping queues down?

Technology is the Way Forward

The bottom line is, technology – and multiple channel support – will help you to manage your customers and to ensure everyone gets a fair slice of your expertise. This is going to mean you handle calls effectively, efficiently, and that you grow your business steadily over years to come.

Planet Numbers offers a variety of resources and services to help make your business call handling more efficient and more productive. Get in touch today to learn more.