We’ve Done It Again!

20th May 2015

We’ve done it again! Last month we introduced our new pre-paid ‘phone card’ packages, in bundles of £2, £5, £10 and £25. The service has been a resounding success, with more and more people taking advantage of our outstanding rates.

Just because we’ve introduced this brilliant new way of making international calls doesn’t mean you have to pre-pay to get preferential rates, though. You get the same brilliant rates regardless of which Planet Numbers service you use, because we believe in excellent service, not profit margins, unlike some of our competitors.

You can also take advantage of our generous international call rates from any UK phone, whether it’s a landline or mobile!

If you’re an existing Planet Numbers customer then you’ll already know how great our service is and how low our rates are, but I’m sure you’d still love to know that our rates are falling again! Here they are…

Afghanistan… down to 13.3p a minute

Angola… down to 3p a minute

Aruba… down to 7p a minute

Australia… down to 1p a minute, Australia Mobile… down to 3p a minute

Chile… down to 1p a minute

Grenada… down to 5p a minute

Jamaica… down to 5p a minute

Malta Mobile… down to 1p a minute

Pakistan Mobile… down to 4p a minute

Russia… down to 1p a minute

San Marino… down to 1.5p a minute

South Africa… down to 1p a minute

Trinidad and Tobago… down to 3p a minute

Vietnam… down to 4p a minute

There’s no limit either, so you can call as many times as you like, day or night and take advantage of our fantastic deals. Don’t forget there is a connection fee of 13.87p from a BT landline, but you’ll save that in the first minute anyway!

As you will have noticed, our rates aren’t limited to landlines either. We offer outstanding rates to international mobile phones, from as little as 1p a minute. Just call 0843 715 7777 and once connected, dial in the overseas number you wish to call including the international dialling code, sit back and start saving!

If you’re a new customer and you’d like to know how to make easy international calls with Planet Numbers, then take a look through our International Calls page and get dialling!


Robin James
Managing Director
Planet Numbers