What Are International Toll Free Numbers?

12th November 2019

Research shows that the presence of toll-free numbers is good for business. This makes sense. The easiest way to compel clients to reach out to you is to inform them that they don’t have to pay for their calls. As a business, 0800 numbers are the only rational choice.

But that only applies to customers in the UK. If you have an 0800 number, then anyone from inside the UK can call you for free. This is what some people call a domestic toll-free number. Its benefits do not apply to calls coming from outside the country.

Anyone that attempts to call an 0800 number from abroad is going to incur the cost of the international call. For many businesses, this is inconsequential. After all, their primary focus is the consumers who live within the UK. But what about businesses with a more ambitious vision? What about those companies that want to engage international customers and knows that the cost per minute rates of an international call is going to scare most of them away?

What are they supposed to do? Well, they have the option of securing an international toll-free number.

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How Do International Toll-Free Numbers Work?

International toll-free numbers are exactly what their name suggests. If you live in the UK and your business has an International Toll-Free number, a client from USA (for example) can call that number for free. In other words, they can enjoy the benefits that a domestic 0800 number offers to UK residents.

What Makes International Toll-Free Numbers So Special?

ITF Numbers have far more to offer than you realise. Yes, they are free to call and that is good. But, more importantly, a call received on the ITF numbers we offer can be routed to any other number in the UK. If you thought that ITF numbers would restrict you to a particular device, you are mistaken. You can point calls to the ITF Number to any UK number of your choice.

If you have an international virtual number, things take an even more fascinating turn. Put simply, with an international virtual number, a customer in another country will call a local number and their call will be redirected to the UK number you choose.

This process happens automatically. You can create a local presence in distant countries without the people in those nations ever realising that your offices are actually situated in the UK. It is worth mentioning that International Virtual Numbers are not free to call.

Your customer is expected to pay a small fee. Your business must also part with some money. But the cost is low compared to the rates your customer would encounter if they tried to make an ordinary long-distance call.

What You Need

ITF Numbers are so convenient that people can’t help but worry about the financial burden associated with putting them in place. But, as with most cloud-based technologies, you don’t need much to acquire and use ITF numbers.

You don’t have to buy any additional equipment. You don’t need any extra phone lines either. We also offer features like call queuing and virtual receptionists. We make the process of acquiring your own International Toll-Free Number as convenient and affordable as possible. For more information or to set up an international number, call us free, on 0800 0886 886 to speak with one of our agents.