What are the best office phone systems for a small business?

20th July 2019

It’s entirely possible that a small business could be run reasonably efficiently from a single smartphone permanently loaded with unlimited data, texts and phone calls. You may have tried running a business this way this yourself, perhaps with both positive and negative results. After all, you can access all of your contacts, email accounts and even many essential files via this one device.

However, as the business grows, a few more names are added to the payroll, and your audience grows, there will naturally come a time when the smartphone alone – or the smartphone and home office phone combined – need to be upgraded. Here’s a little advice on the ideal phone systems for a small business…business phone system

A system that lets you know your customers

According to research published by smallbusiness.co.uk, many businesses aren’t aware of how well, or otherwise, they are communicating with their customers. In the UK, 42% of customers rate communications from businesses as fair, to poor, to utterly terrible. Despite this, or oblivious to this, 94% of businesses claim that their customers are satisfied with the responsiveness of their communications.

Therefore, one of the best office phone systems a company of any size, even a small business, could possibly implement would be one that gave them the time and responsiveness that their customers demand. VoIP office phone systems, for instance, allow businesses to have as many hosted phone numbers as they need at any given time – meaning that, even if you have to scale up your services only temporarily, you can still manage the extra influx of activity.

A system that lets you work the way you need to

Regardless of whether you’ve ever been on one of those entrepreneurial adventurers and tried to run your entire business from a single device, you’ll no doubt require a degree of flexibility with your phone systems.

VoIP office phone systems allow you to integrate your own mobile device, and any other mobile devices belonging to your staff, into the same office system. The only extra hardware you’ll need is a set of VoIP handsets which plug straight into the Ethernet sockets of your broadband connection.

This way, no matter whether you and your staff are based in the office or out working remotely, you’ll have the practicality and flexibility to operate as you choose – without worrying about incurring extra costs. With flexibility so essential to employees in 2019, you’ll have a more engaged workforce behind you, and a more satisfied network of customers connected to your business.

A system that’s the right price for your small business

Finally, and something we touched on just above, a VoIP office phone system is actually capable of slashing the cost of your monthly phone bill – by up to an astonishing 90%. Instead of paying for a broadband connection, a phone line, calls on an as-and-when basis and a bumper mobile phone contract, you could bring everything into one place by upgrading to VoIP. To learn how a VoIP office phone system could work for your small business, please give us a call on 0800 088 6543.